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In his previous adventures, young Luca learned how to brush his teeth. He even went on his very first trip to the dentist. Both entertaining and educational, these stories help your child learn how to not be afraid of new life experiences. Luca Lashes has no shortage of tales to share with you and your children.

In coming months we will be releasing new books in the Luca Lashes series. Each book will focus on different aspects of your child's life. These include visiting the doctor, going on an airplane, and adjusting to life's biggest challenges. Each new release will be available in a range of languages. The topics address those events in your child's life that may frighten or upset him or her. Luca Lashes is one of the best educational apps for kids available today. The series is a wonderful asset to any parent.

Book Nine (June 2014):

Chinese :

English :

Luca Lashes and His First Airplane Ride

French :
Luca Longs Cils et Son Premier Vol en Avion

Italian :
Luca Lashes ed il Suo Primo Viaggio in Aereo

Spanish :
Luca Pestañas y su Primer Viaje en Avión

Upcoming 2015 Books

The titles reflected below are not final.

Book Ten:

English :
Luca Lashes' Mommy Goes Back to Work

Book Eleven:

English :
Luca Lashes First Time Sleeping in a Big Boy Bed

Book Twelve:

English :
Luca Lashes Visits the Eye Doctor

Book Thirteen:

English :
Luca Lashes' First Boat Ride

Book Fourteen:

English :
Luca Lashes goes on his First Train Ride!

Book Fifteen:

English :
Luca Lashes Moves to a New Home

Book Sixteen:

English :
Luca Lashes Visits the Fire Station

Book Seventeen:

English :
Luca Lashes Loses a Pet (not Pete!)

Book Eighteen:

English :
Luca Lashes Attends His First Birthday Party

More titles to come for 2016!!! Stay tuned :)

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