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From Motherhood Moments: “The illustrations are adorable and I like that there are interactive features. I also love the bonus parent tips, since sometimes it can be hard to know what the best way to approach a child's fear is.”

From Smart Apps for Kids: If you have a youngster between the ages of 0 and 4 or a special needs child, these stories may save a lot of sad faces and help instill the confidence your child needs to face the unknown.

The Brown-Eyed Boy with the Magic Eyelashes

From Second Bookshelf on the Right: It's a terrific technique to teach your kids, especially those who are timid about new experiences.


From Tracy’s Nook: The pictures are great, the story is easy for a younger child to understand and to relate to. I recommend this book for anyone with younger kids, especially if those kids are shy and scare easily.


From Moms with Apps: The App features interactivity (touch, sight, & sound), parent suggestions, a relatable character and is written for children in the 0-4 year range.


Luca Lashes Learns to Brush his Teeth


From Cary Plunkett: I read this book to my son who is two and a half and it kept his attention until the end and was even repeating some phrases in the book. Now, my son still puts up a fight when it comes to brushing his teeth but one of these days he might appreciate Luca Lashes and his bravery and decide he wants to be brave too.


From Adventures of the Alpha Wife: I learned that if there are fearful things my kids are trying to overcome, all I have to do is give them a way to overcome their fears. Maybe it’s blinking like Luca, or perhaps it’s tapping their toes three times. My kids giggled in delight as we read the book, and loved watching as Luca overcame his fears.


From Smart Apps for Kids: Parents, teachers, and therapists who work with children that resist teeth brushing may find this book an excellent addition toopen the conversation about each child's fears. The illustrations and theme make it worth a download. On one page, the sun and moon shimmer, birds tweet and spin, hands move around a clock, and some exhaust comes out of Luca's pajama-shirt rocket.


From Just 10 More Minutes:  I loved the book because it relates to the children and how they feel.  It says to a child "I'm on your side", and that's important when facing scary situations.  I also loved that it had a section in the back with facts for parents and resources.


From The iPhone Mom: Children can learn along with Luca Lashes as he discovers how to use a toothbrush and why. This app features interactive elements (touch, sight, and sound), parent suggestions, a relatable character and is written for children from birth to age 4. 


Luca Lashes and his First Trip to the Dentist


From Dominique’s Desk: I love the handy suggestions to parents at the end of the book on how to prepare the child for the dentist visit. The book is easy to read and follow for younger readers with pictures and words on alternate pages.


From Just 10 More Minutes: [LucaLashes Visits the Dentist] explains what happens to Luca while he is in the seat and that he was perfectly fine when it was all done. I thought the book was a nice addition to the first and I feel like it is a good set to own or borrow for those big moments in a child's life.


From Smart Apps for Kids: These books are a great concept and really helpful for children who are fearful about new things. Children are incredibly suggestible and this is a very gentle and positive way to introduce a new experience.


Luca Lashes and his First Haircut


From Tracy’s Nook: By combining the original text and terrific artwork with features that entertain and promote reading, this eBook series appeals to beginning readers of all ages. It’s never too early to fall in love with language!


From Chrissy at Good Reads: I enjoyed the illustrations, which were filled with bright, bold colors guaranteed to catch the eye of a toddler. The segment on the last page giving parents tips and tricks on how to make the first haircut special was cute and useful.


From Clarisa Kluver at Digital Storytime: I highly recommend this series for parents & educators looking for a simple way to teach kids about what to expect on big firsts, including this one that helps prepare toddlers & preschoolers for what can be a scary experience, where a stranger uses scissors to cut their hair.


From Smart Apps for Kids: Each step of the trip to the salon from putting on the apron to seeing hairs falling on the floor, is described and pictured through carefully drawn illustrations and helpful interactive elements.


Luca Lashes has his Frist Swimming Lesson


From Tracy’s Nook: Swim lessons can be scary. Thatis why Luca has a special way of making things less scary. This is a great kids book. The pictures are great, the story is easy for a younger child to understand and to relate to.


From I’m a Full-Time Mummy: It is engaging and interactive and I love that we can also touch the page on the screen and the page sways according to your direction you sway it!


Luca Lashes Visits the Doctor


From A Stich in Time: If you have a nervous child on the way to the doctor this is a great read! And we all know, a calm and ready child is so much better than a fearful one! 


From Tidbits from a Mom: I think this book is adorable and perfect for my son.  The illustrations are wonderful!  The book is short and sweet and point out parts of the visit that cause my son his anxiety, including being weighed, measured, and receiving a shot.


From Tracy’s Nook: Like the other Luca books this one is a great introduction to little kids who might have some memories of going to the doctor before and are really scared of getting shots, or even just going to the doctor. Just remind the kids to blink their magic eye lashes and then they can be brave enough, just like Luca.


Luca Lashes and his Trip to the Nursing Home


From Tracy’s Nook: I think that having a book like this read to them and seeing the great pictures in the book would have eased any lingering fears they might have had. Even if they might not be fearful Ithink that showing them what to expect before hand will make those visits all the more fun and way less stressful.

Product Mentions: 

The ever-popular series of interactive eBooks for children, Luca Lashes, is one that has gained a lot of compliments and positive reviews from its readers. As a line of edutainment books custom-tailored to Droid devices and iPads, Luca's adventures are as heartwarming and delightful as they are beneficial to your child's development. Just read some of the kind words and reviews our previous readers have submitted to learn more about it.

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