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If you and your child are enjoying the interactive Luca Lashes series, be sure to click below for some additional resources and some videos to help you along. While the Luca Lashes series of educational apps for kids is a great way to alleviate your children's fears of the unknown, it is also important for parents to pursue other methods of conquering fears, like using family as a strength builder, spending time in nature, and listening to calm music together. Reading Luca Lashes certainly goes a long way as a fun and educational tool for your children, but the resources below will help you to build upon the lessons learned in the Luca Lashes series of interactive eBooks for children.

Parental Suggestion Trailers - check out our illustrations!

YouTube Videos Book One:

YouTube Videos Book Two:

YouTube Videos Book Three:

YouTube Videos Book Four:

YouTube Videos Book Five:

YouTube Videos Book Six:

Book Seven:

Book Eight:

Book Nine:

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Dear Parents/Caregivers,
We would love to hear from you! Have you experienced a 'first' with your child for which you would've liked to have been more prepared? If so, please share your experience so that others can benefit. Please e-mail us at so we can consider your experiences for a future interactive eBook for children. We are also on Facebook and Twitter! We look forward to hearing from you! Happy Parenting! ~ The Luca Lashes Team

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