eBooks for kids in English, French, Spanish and Chinese

Join Luca, the boy with the magical eyelashes, as he navigates new experiences that are major stepping stones in every young boy or girl's life. From learning how to brush his teeth to taking his very first trip to the dentist's office to swimming lessons, our series' hero has a lot to do. Fortunately, Luca and his magic eyelashes turn even the scariest new challenges into fun and exciting adventures.

As your son or daughter embarks on new milestones in life that may upset or worry them, these eBooks provide a supportive and sweet message that will help kids take on these obstacles. A number of parental suggestions found in the back of each book act as prompts through which you can interact with your child and help him or her overcome these hurdles.

The creators of Luca Lashes have made available the entire series of children's books in Spanish, French, English and Chinese, to help your child get a jump start on developing foreign language skills. The benefits of being bi-lingual go far beyond being able to converse with a wider range of people. Children who are bi-lingual tend to have advanced problem solving skills and other cognitive abilities.

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