Luca Lashes Multimedia and Press Kit

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From learning how to brush his or her teeth to taking that first trip to the dentist, your child's life is full of milestones that can be as intimidating as they are exciting. Luca Lashes is there to help you show your son or daughter that there is nothing to fear. Let our wonderful and charming series of eBooks be an asset to you in the child-rearing process.

The Luca Lashes line of books includes some of the best educational apps for kids currently found on the Android, iOS and eReader marketplaces. However, while these books are well-beloved by young readers and parents alike, parents further benefit from the series through our parental suggestion resources. Listed below are several such suggestions, each of which relates to a Luca Lashes book.


Book One:

Book Two:

Book Three:

Book Four:

Book Five:

Book Six:

Book Seven:

Book Eight:

Book Nine:

Please keep checking this area for new content. There is also a Luca Lashes Game currently in the works.