Meet the Luca Lashes Characters

Luca Lashes, a series of interactive eBooks for children, is an educational way to teach your little ones about life. You and your child will have a great time together as you follow the adventures of Luca, a boy with magic eyelashes that give him special powers, as he goes through the milestones in life that any child will face. From learning to swim to his first dentist visit, Luca will show your children that these experiences aren't scary at all, but instead, full of fun!

Of course, Luca can't do everything on his own – he needs some help from the special people in his life as he learns to face his fears and gain confidence. Below, meet the friendly cast of characters who Luca encounters along the way.

  • Luca Lashes

    Luca Lashes

    A special boy with soft brown eyes and magic eyelashes.

  • Pete

    Luca's Dog Pete

    Luca’s faithful companion and pet.

  • Luca’s Mommy

    Luca's Mom

    Always quick to smile and help Luca!

  • Luca’s Daddy

    Luca's Dad

    Always has good advice and time for Luca!

  • Pediatric Dentist


    This special person cleans Luca’s teeth and makes sure his mouth is healthy!

  • Hair Stylist

    Hair Stylist

    This nice lady cuts Luca’s hair and makes sure he looks good!

  • Swim Instructor

    Swim Instructor

    Teaches Luca to swim and to hold his breath underwater!

  • Great Grandma

    Luca's Grandma

    Loving cookie-maker and Luca’s bingo partner!

  • Pediatrician


    Doctor who keeps Luca healthy, gives him shots and smiles!

  • Hospital Nurse

    Hospital Nurse

    Checks Mommy out and helps Mommy move around while she's at the hospital

  • Hospital Doctor

    Hospital Doctor

    Expert healer who helps Mommy feel better so she can come home to Luca soon!

  • Flight Attendant

    Flight Attendant

    With a pleasant smile and a helpful attitude, the flight attendant takes care of airplane passengers, including Luca and his family!

  • Pilot


    The man in charge of takeoffs, landings and everything in between!

  • Eye Doctor

    Eye Doctor

    Everyone needs to have his or her eyes examined; here we meet Luca Lashes’s friendly eye doctor!

  • Train Conductor

    Train Conductor

    Luca loves to play with trains and hop on board the train! Give your tickets to our smiling conductor!

  • Fire Woman

    Fire Woman

    Lose a pet up a tree? Small brushfire gets out of hand? Call your fire department and meet Luca Lashes’ favorite firefighter!

  • Doctor's Nurse

    Doctor's Nurse

    Staying calm and pleasant, the doctor’s nurse administers Luca’s shots.

These fun and helpful characters play an important role in Luca's journeys, teaching him things like how to brush his teeth, how to stay healthy, and how to help others. Soon, your child will be learning these valuable lessons, too, thanks to the Luca Lashes series of interactive eBooks for children.