Friday April 20, 2012

Welcome Blog!

Hello and welcome to all readers and visitors to Luca Lashes.com! The Luca Lashes team is excited to launch our blog and our forum, and we cannot wait to share ideas, get feedback, and learn from each other.
As lifelong educators and new parents, we feel truly grateful to have been able to create a children’s series that deals with all of our favorite new topics (namely, discovery and children). We hope that as our website and our app/eBook series continue to grow, that you will all grow with us.
Our blog will be focused on the topics that are most interesting to us, so obviously, children will be at the top of list. In here, we will write about common issues for new parents and helping children discover their “firsts.” We will also be commenting on and discussing a variety of topics, including children’s literature, eBooks, apps, and other technology that will continue this great journey we are all on with our children and each other.
The Luca Lashes website will be the central hub from which we will expand on the Luca Lashes series, so we do hope that you come back and check for new content regularly. Please feel free to comment on any blog posts and to interact on our forum as often as you would like!
Again, Welcome to All, and Happy Parenting!
Nicole & Damir Fonovich

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