Friday December 5, 2014

Thinking about the holiday season…

So, the holidays are in full swing, and for the 10thyear in a row, I am noticing a severe lack of energy in people’s celebrating. Are we running short on holiday spirit? Are there too many different activities at the end of the year, making it difficult to get in the spirit? Is money too tight for everyone, making the holidays more stressful?
I think the answer is that there are a lot of reasons, and some of these are correct. People, for the most part, have less money than in years past, and are being wiser with their expenditures. Another reason I see is that people are really turning a corner on the whole “capitalist Christmas” thing.
What I mean by that is the whole story of Santa, and gift giving, makes less and less logical sense to perpetuate. It seems that the religious aspect of the holiday season remains important to most people, but the whole gift-giving, buying season is getting on people’s nerves. Having worked in retail and experienced over 10 years of angry shoppers, I can honestly say that most people are being far smarter about their purchases and trying hard to teach their children that this is a season of giving, not gifting.
The other thing that is bothering me a little bit is the lack of decorations I am seeing out. More and more people are waiting longer to put out decorations, or are not bothering at all, and that does make me sad. I can remember as a child driving through the suburbs of Chicago looking at everyone’s holiday lighting displays and being in awe and wonder. Now, you drive through the same neighborhoods and see one out of every 10 homes decorated. It’s just not the same.
We have to look at what kind of legacy we are leaving our children if we don’t value this time of year as much as we used to. Most parents move heaven and earth to keep their children believing in goodness, warmth, compassion, and giving during the holiday season, but there has been a noticeable lack of passion and energy behind these projects as the population ages and a new generation grows into the holidays.

Sadly, this new generation seems very Grinch-like and gift hungry…or is it just me?

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