Rest in Peace, beautiful little souls

It is with tears in our eyes and a profound sense of disbelief that we write this. To any of our readers today, hold your loved ones and children extra close. Love them with all of your heart. Love yourselves with all of your heart.

We write children's books and apps. That is what we do. And on a day like today, we hope that children everywhere are not anywhere near a television, tablet, or smartphone. Don't let your kids watch the news today, make sense of it on a different day. Are your children at school? Go get them and hold them close. Are your children with you? How much love do you feel in this moment for them?

Is there a teacher in your family? Reach out to them and tell them how much you truly respect and love them for the job that they do. Teachers sacrifice a part of themselves every day to make sure our children grow up in an educated, healthy and adjusted way. Today, several teachers made the ultimate sacrifice, proving once again the innate nobility of their profession.

There is nothing else to say...try to surround yourselves with love.

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